SMT History

Company SMT Maschinen- und Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG founded by CEO Hans-Günter Ulzhöfer

Introduction of forced convection reflow soldering technology

Annexe of demo center

Patent registration of Quattro Peak® procedure

New product range for the sectors thermal testing, curing and coating

Construction of plant III and IV

Opening of technology center

Foundation of SMT North America Inc.

Annexe of plant V

SMT Vision Award (Best New Product for vacuum module)

Global Technology Award in Soldering Equipment

Global Technology Award in Test Services for Lean Temperature Treatment System

Global Technology Award for SMT CATalysis - process gas cleaning

New office building

Global Technology Award for vertical oven VH8 at the category "Best Product"

Move into the own company buildings                                                                                                        

Construction of plant II

Patent registration of slot nozzle system

Introduction of pyrolysis process gas cleaning (ABS) and intelligent nitrogen control

Award "Number 1 in Europe" for best-selling systems (ITM market study)

Foundation of company SMT Asia Pacific Ptd. Ltd. in Singapore

Launching vacuum-inline reflow soldering systems

Introduction of UV Conformal Coating Systems and Cold Function Test

Introduction of plused flow production

Introduction of the new reflow soldering generation SMT Quattro Peak® R360

Global Technlogy Award for R360 in the category "Soldering Equipment Reflow"