Annual review - Many investments in 2018

At the last employee meeting in 2018, the CEO Christian Ulzhöfer and Hans-Günter Ulzhöfer, as well as Executive Vice President Caroline Beck gave a review of the current financial year of SMT Thermal Discoveries to their employees.


In 2018, as many investments were made as in the past ten years. The machinery for mechanical processing in plants II and III was expanded and the halls were converted from a pure storage area to an assembly platform. Special equipment and the new vertical oven SMT Vertical, which received a Global Technology Award in the USA in October, will be built there.


Probably the largest and most striking building project is the new administrative complex with canteen, which was built by converting an existing building. After the beginning of the construction in August 2017, the first offices were already available in September 2018. The new canteen will be opened at the beginning of 2019. In the future, varied lunches and free hot and cold drinks will be offered there for the employees during breaks, said Caroline Beck.


Christian Ulzhoefer praised the commitment of all employees who made these investments possible and who are significantly involved in the success of the company. All employees are rewarded with an extraordinary bonus for this commitment.


The continuing good order situation allows SMT to look positively into the new year. The high demand for electric vehicles and driver assistance systems let the global semiconductor market grow steadily that gives SMT well-filled order books for 2019.


At the annual closing ceremony, the honors of longtime employees took place. For five years Robert Däffner, Marta Kun and Thomas Schoder were honored. Annette Cholewa, Thomas Kriegisch and Michael Müller have been working for SMT for ten years. Eric Bohnenkämper and Martin Wollny have been with the company for 15 years. For 20 years Oliver Dembetzki, Margit Hammerich and Uwe Werner were honored. The management thanked the anniversaries for their loyalty and dedication.






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