Danutek and SMT extend their partnership

The sales & service partnership of Danutek and SMT was extended with Bulgaria and Romania by January 1st, 2022. Since end of 2020 Danutek and SMT are partnering for Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia. Numerous successes have been celebrated together.

Danutek is responsible for distribution of machines and spare parts, also providing support and service for reflow and vacuum soldering machines, curing and cooling systems and customized solutions. This is the biggest sales partnership for SMT throughout Europe.

Florian Graf, Head of Sales at SMT, commented: „The local distribution and support plays a key role in the success story of SMT.  Above all it has allowed us to be close to the customers – a position, which is essential for SMT.”

Daniel Hamann, Sales Manager Europe at SMT, added: „I am very happy that we were able to further extend our already excellent partnership with Danutek. This change in a very important part of Europe will be a lasting benefit for the production and process targets of our customers. “




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