NEW Software Thermal Tools

Time saving through stability, security and an intuitive operation.


The new SMT software “Thermal Tools” is based on an SMT-customized Linux system. The advantages hereby are, besides a very good stability, the extremely important security against viruses. The Windows users have also been taken into consideration. They can apply Windows programs and use the machine display as on a “normal” computer. This Windows compatibility makes interface options such as MES, KIC, CFX or other line software solutions easy to implement.


Since the Windows and SMT software work on two independent systems, the SMT machine software, and thus the system, will continue to run stably, even if the Windows system fails, due to e.g. updates or crashes. In addition to saving time, this also means an increase in plant availability.


Another advantage of “Thermal Tools” is the customer-oriented update routine, which can be done by the customer himself without taking into account different versions of Windows and thus saving time.


The intuitive operating software „Thermal Tools” does not require any long trainings and with a 2-level structure you can select the right page with only two clicks. This considerably reduces the effort for adjustments. The unique software design also scores with case-related service pages and the specially programmed “Smart Access” remote maintenance tool. 

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