Technology Days of Propelec

For the first time, SMT Thermal Discoveries participated in the "Technology Day" of its Spanish representative Propelec S.L. The mobile exhibition and conference presents customers of Propelec S.L. new systems and new suppliers. The event refers to people, that do not have the opportunity to visit exhibitions abroad. The show started in Porto, Portugal and continued via Barcelona to San Sebastian in Spain.


SMT provided a module of their vacuum system for this purpose. The vacuum systems reduces pores of the solder joints up to 99%, which significantly improves the quality of the soldered products. The new vacuum reflow soldering system 2.0 impresses with an optimized transport handover and improved cycle time. Over 150 systems have been sold successfully by SMT since 2009.


In addition to SMT, another five exhibitors took part in the roadshow. About 200 interested people attended the event, that is held every two years.


"The exhibition of Propelec was very successful. The idea of a mobile exhibition is impressive and offers customers and suppliers a get-together in a relaxed atmosphere. We are looking forward to take part in the next roadshow", said Maximilian Leppig, Area Sales Manager at SMT Thermal Discoveries.





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