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Office Suzhou

Servicemitarbeiter Gebiet Asien Niederlassung SMT-AP Pte. Ltd. Lucky Xia

Lucky Xia
Process and Sales Engineer

Phone: +86 135 0621-8586
E-Mail: lucky.xia@smtap.com

Alice Tian

Sales Assistant


Phone: +86 512-83991010

E-Mail: alice.tian@smtap.com

Rob Li
Field Service Engineer

Phone: +86 173 5241-8955

E-Mail: rob.li@smtap.com



Suzhou SMT Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd.

2#, Yang Yun Road, Lou Feng,

Suzhou Industrial Park, China


Phone: +86 512-83991010




Mitarbeiter Abteilung Service Niederlassung SMT-AP Pte. Ltd. Sky Zhong

Sky Zhong

Field Service Engineer

Phone: +86 153 6539-6819

E-Mail: sky.zhong@smtap.com






Office Suzhou

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