Fan unit (SMT development)

Encapsulated and maintenance-free fan motor (three-phase) with impeller and insulation.


Frequency converter regulates and monitors the circulation-speed

  1. Constant process gas stream
  2. Assured heat transfer

Gas proof for the entire oven durability (>10 years) 

  1. Highest process stability for nitrogen control and residual oxygen concentration 
  1. Secure solder- and product quality

Quattro Peak S

Process area length 4671 mm

Quattro Peak S Media

Process area length 4671 mm

Quattro Peak M

Process area length 4326 mm

Quattro Peak L

Process area length 5432 mm

Quattro Peak L Plus

Process area length 6392 mm

Quattro Peak XL

Proess area length 6853 mm

Quattro Peak XL Plus

Process area length 7712 mm