SMT seminar system software RT7 advanced & IT


Mitarbeiter Softwareabteilung Oliver Berberich

Oliver Berberich

software development

Duration: 1 day


on request

start: 09:00 am

end: 16:30 pm


590,00 EUR/participant


4-6 persons


participation of SMT seminar „RT7 fundamentals“


IT -knowledge of system software "Reflow Tools 7" for advanced learner


  • further skills in addition to the training “RT7 Fundamentals”
  • extended knowledge about interaction between software and hardware
  • operation of the machine software incl. training of case studies at the machine in production operation
  • customer assistances to ensure a fast service from SMT
  • software knowledge for IT-specific operation of the machine referring updates, folder structure and backup
  • preparation of machine software copies
  • explanations for restore process
  • assistance for software handling via touch monitor
  • intensification and training of software handling directly with demo units
  • clarification of specific issues


Increasing the system availability, backup of the company's production data in connection with the system, independent use of the SMT tool "New CF" (copy of the machine software).

Target Group:

production and maintenance personnel, system operators


On-site Service

Service bases

Remote maintenance

Spare parts


Process optimisation

Training Center