SMT Vacuum Training


Mitarbeiter Abteilung After Sales Management Robert Däffner

Robert Däffner

After Sales

Duration: 2 days


May 24th - 25th, 2022

start: 09:00 am

end: 16:30 pm


890,00 EUR/participant


4-7 persons


The quality standard of solder joints in the electronics and semiconductor industry is constantly increasing. We show you how to improve your products by void reduction due to setting different parameters. 


  • basic knowledge of the structure and technology of a vacuum system
  • presentation and explanation of the vacuum process
  • structure and function of the vacuum unit
  • software control and parameter settings in vacuum operation
  • parameter settings, analysis and evaluation of vacuum profiles
  • causes and reduction of voids
  • detailed maintenance instruction on the vacuum units
  • assistance and explanation of different system states
  • clarification of specific issues


Practical training to provide special content on the subject of vacuum soldering technology, control of the vacuum processes and of the associated equipment of the SMT vacuum system. Process know-how, professional system operation and well-trained personnel are requirements for a high-quality production process in a future-oriented soldering technology.

Target Group:

system operators, maintenance and production personnel, team leaders in production operation, process owners, quality management, project managers in the field of vacuum as well as persons who are working in connection with vacuum soldering


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