CATalysis-Process Gas Cleaning

The new CATalysis - process gas cleaning of SMT works comparanle as a catalyst in a car. The cleaning process can take place due to the catalyst at lower temperatures. The effect is a better cleaning performance.


The granules of the new CATalysis with precious metall coating provide a splitting of long-chain hydro-carbons and the organic material is ideally split completely to water and carbon dioxide.


The CATalysis - process gas cleaning can be installed into the SMT reflow soldering system XS and in all reflow soldering systems from the Quattro Peak series. Depending on the system size, this may be up to 4 CATalysis (up to 5 at vacuum  soldering systems).

A retrofitting to the new CATalysis - process gas cleaning is possible at any time at SMT reflow and vacuum soldering systems.

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CATalysis-Process Gas Cleaning