Machines - more efficient than ever before

Energy saving - THE topic of our time! SMART solutions and new approaches show that energy saving measures can bring about targeted synergy effects in the production process.

Three adjustment for energy saving

  • Insulation
  • Heat transfer
  • Process parameters

Improving insulation

What applies to houses and infrastructure projects also applies to our systems. With improved insulation we achieve a significant reduction in heat loss to the outside. With a reflow soldering system with a heating zone length of 3.6m, an average of 1kWh of energy consumption can be saved.

Optimization of heat transfer

Once a system has reached the desired profile temperature, the majority of the energy still required is generated for the heat transfer process into the product. Mechanical energy can be saved through the optimized adjustment of the fan speeds - in fewer heating zones than it was the case in previous system types.

In numbers: With a fan frequency of -6Hz, it is possible for us to reduce energy consumption by around 20% in the area of ​​fan consumption(an R360 reflow system with a heating zone length of 3.6m serves as an example for the calculation).



Consistent process parameters - without changeover times

Maximum efficiency of a reflow system is achieved when it is heated up (profile temperature has been reached) and it is in continuous operation. In order to avoid changeover times and therefore energy losses, we have implemented "Profiling Plus", a profile system that guarantees continuous operation with just one temperature setting - regardless of the product. The customer's heaviest product serves as a reference for the temperature setting.

The precise regulation of heat transfer is adjusted via the performance of the fans - this is possible within a few seconds. This means that every product can go through the production process at a constant temperature. This means we always achieve the lowest possible energy consumption per product. Changeover times (renewed heating or cooling times) are avoided.


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