Put to the test - SMT Wertheim examins independent testing by TÜV Süd

Whether for cars, refrigerators or soldering systems - the information provided by manufacturers regarding consumption is often opaque due to the special "in-house test conditions". SMT Wertheim has undergone external and independent testing - at TÜV Süd.

Heating up the system is the most energy-intensive part of the process. Depending on the required profile and the individual product requirements, energy consumption values ​​of 50kWh - 80kWh can occur in the heating phase - regardless of the manufacturer and type of system.

Once the reflow system is ready for operation, the consumption values ​​vary greatly.

SMT Wertheim is proud to be able to achieve absolute top values ​​in independent consumption measurements by TÜV Süd. A reflow system of the type R360 with a heating zone length of 3.6m and a vacuum reflow system of the type Vac L were tested.


Test Results of the Reflow-System R360



Test Results of the Vacuum-Reflow-System VAC L


In order to maintain consistently low energy consumption values, it is essential to avoid temperature changes. Thanks to SMT's award-winning Profiling Plus solution, there is no need for this.


Energy Calculator


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